Creating a positive company image with Grade-A office spaces

The importance of first impressions

A potential client or employee steps into your office. What is the very first thing they do? They start forming an impression of your company. The look and feel of the space where you’re based is their first perception of your brand. And this impression stays with them.

Investing in grade-A office real estate shows clients and employees that your business is successful and well-established. The right office environment demonstrates you are a forward-thinking, reputable company with staying power. Discover how to craft a positive company image from your office.

Choosing the right location

When searching for office space, look at attractive, accessible, convenient areas for both staff and customers. The neighbourhood and surrounding amenities also influence opinions. 

Select a spot near public transit, parking, restaurants, parks, etc., and the location’s quality should align with your target demographic and business goals.

Designing inviting, comfortable spaces

The layout and aesthetics of your office should make people feel at ease. Good lighting, comfortable seating, and tasteful décor promote a welcoming atmosphere. Carefully arrange work areas, common spaces, and private offices to maximise functionality.

Pay attention to acoustics, temperature control, and indoor air quality to keep employees happy and productive. Break rooms and collaborative areas also encourage socialising and community.

A professional office atmosphere demonstrates you run an efficient operation. Paying attention to aesthetics and functionality inspires confidence in your abilities. Employees also appreciate an enjoyable workspace that feels put together.

Allocating a budget to design and maintain grade-A office real estate is well worth the investment, as the right space aligns with your brand image and makes a strong first impression.

Using light and colour effectively

Strategically use natural light, lamps, and pops of colour to evoke certain moods. Sunlight boosts energy, while cool hues like blue and green foster concentration. Warm tones like yellow and orange spark creativity and inspiration.

Position workstations near windows and paint accent walls in vibrant brand colours. Play with lighting fixtures like pendant lamps to highlight architectural details and create visual interest.

Grade-A office space in the perfect working environment

Whether you’re a business owner looking for the ideal space to set up shop or a professional hoping to work in a dynamic environment, business parks offer the infrastructure, community, and strategic location to foster growth and innovation. Maxis is proud to be rated BREEAM ‘Excellent’, representing best practices for sustainability performance. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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