What to consider when choosing a commercial office space to rent

Finding the right office space is a crucial decision for any business – your commercial real estate acts as a headquarters where clients meet you and employees carry out important work. Beyond the financial considerations of rent and operational costs, you need an environment that facilitates productivity, collaboration and represents your brand well. 

Here are some of the top factors to evaluate when touring potential office spaces for rent.

Location and accessibility

One of the first aspects to scrutinise is the location and accessibility of your prospective office. Consider how close the space is to key clients, partners, or other essential stakeholders. An easily accessible location can enhance business relations and efficiency through quick meetings and collaboration. It also makes it convenient for employees to attend offsite events or meetings during work hours.

You’ll also want to analyse the commute and accessibility for your employees. Offices like Maxis Bracknell have nearby amenities like restaurants, coffee shops, parks and stores, making life more enjoyable for employees during breaks or before/after work.

Size and layout

Before even touring potential office spaces, determine current and future space requirements. Understand how much space your company needs right now and estimate growth that may occur over the next three to five years. Outline projections for personnel, equipment, and division expansion to inform leasing decisions. Consider spaces for meetings, private offices, break areas, storage and utilities.

Also, examine if the layout is optimal for productivity and collaboration. Look for spaces that can be reconfigured or expanded to accommodate changing business needs. Modern offices, like Maxis Bracknell, often have open, bright, airy interiors with good natural light, which can lift employee morale and energy levels. Prioritise clean and well-maintained offices and design out undesirable elements like noisy machinery.

Facilities and amenities

While touring office spaces, scrutinise in-building facilities and amenities. Verify essential provisions like adequate restrooms, elevators if located upstairs, lobby reception and security, storage options and high-speed internet capabilities. Depending on your business needs, some specialised amenities could be a priority, like freight elevators, loading docks, floor capacity for heavy inventory or equipment, kitchen space and more.

Don’t neglect to evaluate operational considerations, either – check if the building has backup power generators, CCTV security cameras, access control systems, fire safety provisions and cleaning/maintenance services. Phone connectivity and ultra-high-speed internet are non-negotiable amenities for most modern businesses. Offices like Maxis Bracknell offer all of these baseline facilities and amenities.

Company image and branding

The aesthetics and location of your office space inevitably impact your company’s image and brand identity, too. Consider if the appearance of the building – both interior decor and external architecture – aligns with and reinforces your desired brand image. Ensure your company values come through in surroundings that clients and employees experience.

Likewise, analyse the office neighbourhood and consider if the communities surrounding the address convey the brand identity, prestige and reputation you want to be associated with your company. Finding an office space that aligns with the image you want to project to customers can bolster marketing efforts. Also, find out in advance if you can customise signage, paint colours, decor and branding elements in the space to match company aesthetics. Your office is your employee and client’s second home, so make it visually on-brand!

With strategic analysis across these factors – from accessibility to facilities to image – you’ll be equipped to make the optimal office leasing decision for your organisation’s needs and budget. Prioritising the criteria that facilitate efficiency and productivity will yield dividends through happier, healthier and more productive employees and partners.

Grade-A office space in the perfect working environment

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