Shared Philosophies Align At Maxis

It’s often easy to talk about being a value-led business, but what really sets a company apart is whether these values come from the top, down and are integral to its culture. Authenticity isn’t just about words; it’s reflected in the actions of both the people and the operations within the organisation.

When Panasonic met Frasers Property at Maxis Business Park, it was more than choosing an office, it was about whether they had shared philosophies.

Speaking to Panasonic Europe’s Senior General Affairs Manager, Jason Plummer, it’s evident how closely the two company’s principles align.

Aligned and commited

“From prioritising wellbeing to their commitment to sustainability, we talk the same language.” Says Jason. The fundamental principles of the Japanese founded company, established in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita, stand resolute and are as pertinent today as they were decades ago.

Panasonic has consistently been ahead of its time in so many ways, but what really stands out is its focus on people.

“We’re like a family and committed to both the personal and professional development of our team.”

Home from Home

Walking through the offices feels like home, with comfortable seating areas, lush greenery and a friendly atmosphere with everyone saying hello and greeting each other with warmth and camaraderie.

Glass cabinets line the corridors of the largely open plan offices, showcasing the evolution of electronics over the years. It’s clear Jason and the company go back a long way as he reminisces about his first Panasonic cassette recorder.

Having recently celebrated 40 years-service with the company, his team joked at his presentation that if you were to cut him in half, inside it would say Panasonic.

People alongside profits

His gentle, warm manor is genuine and sincere, underscoring the company’s refreshing approach to people alongside its profits.

“For us, profit is a reward not a given,” reflects Jason “It isn’t something to be taken for granted and it’s earned through continuous reinvestment in the business.”

And the people working at Panasonic are well rewarded.

The ‘Bubble Board’ at you enter the offices exudes inclusivity, offering a range of employee benefits to be chosen during the. month, from big incentives like holidays and healthcare to smaller perks like virtual fish tanks in the office.

“We’re currently striving for an Investors in People accreditation for Wellbeing.” adds Jason, who believes work should be a place of choice.

Flexible working

Flexibility defines the office hours, with the option for remote working. While most opt for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a workforce of some 300 potentially operating out of Bracknell, efficient data management ensures everyone has a desk when needed.

“We encourage teams to choose the same days but often we find they want to work together anyway. It’s important for collaboration. There’s no substitute for peer learning in the office, especially for the younger generation.”

Community help

Getting the most from the office extends beyond the nine to five. The premises serve as a training space for the local Samaritans charity on a Wednesday night. An idea spearheaded by Jason, when he heard that 50 percent of their money went on hiring training facilities.

It’s a community initiative which has had a positive impact. The high-quality environment assisted the last cohort of trainee Samaritans achieve a 100 per cent pass rate.

Setting the blueprint

Having looked at four or five options in Bracknell before choosing Maxis, Jason says the offices really stood out. “I’d say Maxis has a more London vibe than Bracknell.”

Its success and operational style is now being used as a blueprint for new offices in Amsterdam and Milan.

“Feedback from visitors is always good. They find the offices welcoming and the flexible floorplates allow us to open up the space to accommodate large groups for training.”

The free Shuttle bus to the station is a bonus, although Frasers Property agreeing to build a 200-space dedicated car park was the real deal breaker.

These days most of the cars Panasonic uses spaces for are electric and they offer green incentives too. “I don’t think I’ve ordered a single non-electric company car in the past year,” reflects Jason.

Becoming Carbon Neutral

Sustainability is important to Panasonic and it’s currently heading towards being a Carbon Neutral company by introducing genuine change throughout the business and its products.

“Frasers Property always impressed us with their approach to sustainability. They have a great record, and we like that the buildings are 100 per cent electric and have solar PV’s.

Partnership Approach

“It feels like a partnership. We get on well with the park team. Charlotte and Adam are great.  We have very open and honest conversations with Chris the Asset Manager in charge of Maxis and Frasers Property are always willing to help.

‘We used to put on our own summer BBQ’s and Christmas events but now also participate in the park’s events as they’re always good and our team enjoy them.

“We’ve even adopted the Office Chair Massage company which comes in regularly for the wider Maxis occupiers and offer free massages to our people.

“We love the cafes and wish more people from the surrounding community would support them. It’s all these small things which add the value and at Maxis we feel well looked after.”

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